C.h.o.s.e.n. rescue



    Humanitarian is the driving force and motivation giving purpose to Evergreen. A nonprofit entity, CHOSENrescue, will provide sustainable life skills for “At Risk Youth”. A portion of  proceeds from Evergreen Enterprise will fund working E-Farms to house, clothe, feed, educate, and support the raising of these youths. Through emotional and spiritual guidance, educational and vocational training, all in a loving, caring, Faith Based environment, we provide fundamental tools to help build sustainable life skills to become responsible and productive citizens.

    Evergreen is a micro-community concept that is self sustainable. By design, it offers more cost affective living than alternatives and can be replicated throughout the world with relative ease. We have contacts in several third world countries waiting for Evergreen to happen as their needs are far greater than most can perceive. Our desire is to move along side existing missions in areas of greatest need to establish an Evergreen Farm to provide food, water, shelter, energy, and a New Life for those who have little or nothing.


New Life For Those Who Have Nothing.


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