energy Resources


“We make fresh air




Types of Biomass:

   Sawdust & Wood Chips

    Paper Products

    Animal Waste

    Urban Landscape

    Broken Furniture

    Construction Waste

    Post Consumer Paper




    A Major component of our E-farms will be the ability to produce our own electricity. By burning biomass (harvest) in onsite biomass conversion power plants we will lower operating cost and help stabilize retail food cost for local markets. To optimize our air quality we are growing an oxygen producing plant. Resource Regeneration Inc. is emerging as a viable renewable energy resource provider. By utilizing our smallest biomass system, burning 24 tons of biomass a day, generating 1.5 mW per hour and we are capable of providing power to over 500 homes.

    Our partnership strategy; Resource Regeneration Inc. provides technology and funding for a Green Power Plant while the city provides suitable Real Estate we provide the power.  After several plants have been built using Grant Programs and/or private investment, RR Inc. will have established a position in the “Energy Production” industry and will maintain our technological edge with aggressive R&D as well as a patented process for the production of “Green Power”.


Nature and Technology in Harmony