Evergreen farms   


Evergreen Farms encompasses four “CORNERSTONES” that collectively address the needs for renewable energy, a sustainable food supply, cost effective and alternative methods for generating power from a renewable resource, and the education, rehabilitation, and vocational training of “At Risk Youth”. A Network of E-Farms will satisfy these needs within miles of the metroplex they serve, rather than importing produce and energy from long distances.  Our support staff creates a safe haven and work environment conducive to learning and vocational training which prepares them for productive and meaningful lives.  We provide energy efficient housing and support facilities for those rescued.  We call it Evergreen they call it home.

Power (Resource Regeneration Inc.)

Emerging Technology has offered the ability to “Farm Power” using a fast growing energy source we can make power locally, reduce our environmental impact, and eliminate the use of fossil fuels for power generation. By burning biomass we can power turbines in a closed loop system with only hot air and collectable ash as by-products. This eliminates environmentally harmful airborne emissions. This energy will be used to power each E-Farm with surplus sold to local grids.  This type of turbine has been in use in other areas of the world for years and provides “clean” power for cities and communities at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuel.  Air quality is increased by the growing of this “Power Crop” and the ash is used in commercial applications like concrete.

Food (Salad Acres, Inc.)

Employing current advances in hydroponic growing technology and related process innovations, hydroponics is the answer to a safe, secure and sustainable food source. With the ability to harvest year round and the better than organic controlled nutrient content of our produce, hydroponics is naturally sustainable and produces a regulated and predictable product not subject to climate change, bio-contamination, insect infestation, and/or other harmful plant associated disease. It also consumes 1/10 the water required for conventional, irrigated “Dirt” Farming. Located within miles of metro markets, transport cost become negligible and reduces “tail pipe emissions” significantly. Timely delivery of locally grown fresh produce becomes the norm, year round.

CHOSEN rescue

A reentry program targeted toward low-to-moderate income adolescents recently incarcerated or homeless. They will be housed in a safe, secure environment where education, rehabilitation, and skill training will be available. Ongoing workshops will be conducted for a variety of jobs needed to support various maintenance, construction, and development projects both in-house and outside the Evergreen Farms environment. This program assures sustainability for generations to come.  Our young residents will live in energy efficient housing, which are constructed at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction methods, and cost much less to maintain. Young couples and Adult Mentors will provide daily supervision and instruction to guide an prepare each youth for life’s journey.

Bottom Line

We will provide energy, improve air quality, feed the masses, and rehabilitate, educate, and train “at risk” youth who need a “Break”. A team of key personal necessary to make this project work have been assembled and are ready to dedicate their time, effort, knowhow, and compassion to make “Evergreen Farms” an “Eco-Friendly” and financially viable project.


We at Evergreen Partners are doing our part, 50% of our profits from our enterprise go to C.H.O.S.E.N.rescue.

“New life for those     
who have nothing.”


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